Alexander Technique Glossary of Terms

The following is a list of terms commonly used when describing the Alexander Technique. It includes definitions for common terminology and concepts associated with the Alexander Technique and other related health subjects. Click on a term to read its definition.

Glossary Definitions:

"Hilary King's website on the Alexander Technique provides a very helpful glossary of the terms you might encounter when reading about Alexander Technique or consulting with a practitioner.

The glossary demystifies terms that are specific to Alexander technique, and also includes medical and anatomical words commonly encountered in relation to musculo-skeletal disorders. There are very few glossaries for Alexander Technique available, either on the web or in print format, so this glossary provides an important and valuable service to the public.

In addition, Hilary has kindly made parts of the glossary available to RMIT University in Australia for use in a course titled Introduction to Wellness and Complementary and Alternative Medicine."

Dr Pauline McCabe, RMIT University, Department of Complementary Medicine, Australia

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