Definition: Lying Down Procedure

The Lying Down Procedure is included as part of most Alexander lessons and is taught with the pupil lying on the couch or Alexander table. the names for this procedure proliferate - it is now also known as Semi-supine, Constructive Rest and the Active Rest Procedures.

This procedure is used in lessons whilst the pupil lies in a semi-supine position, usually on a table. In workshops, students will learn this lying down on the floor. The teacher gently works on and with him, to help him develop his awareness and to let go of old habits. The pupil will be asked to give himself directions whilst this is taking place, in order to bring about changes in the way he uses himself and his body.

All Alexander pupils are encouraged to use the Lying Down Procedure on their own, ideally on a daily basis for about 20 minutes at a time, in order to work on themselves. This needs to be practised whilst lying on the floor, rather than something soft like a bed, which will not give the body adequate support. However, floorboards alone are rather hard and drafty, so do use something like a rug or thin yogs mat underneath you.

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