Online Alexander Technique Lessons

With the onset of COVID-19, there are a number of times when we’re only able to teach the Alexander Technique online. Being able to use video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Google Meet has been a godsend for us!  Traditional hands-on teaching is now allowed in Covid Secure form and I continue to offer online lessons as well. Pupils can move from one form of lessons to the other as needs dictate.

Half Price Lessons for NHS staff

As a way of showing my support and appreciation for their hard work during this pandemic, I am offering NHS staff half price online lessons.

Contact me using an NHS email address. This offer is available until the end of December 2021.

Online learning in your own home

Online Alexander classes can have some advantages.

Clients can have a lesson in their own homes or office, saving time, money and energy on using potentially risky public transport. Completely Covid secure! Distance learning also means I can observe clients whilst using their own equipment. People are more natural in their own environment and therefore we can discover more about their their usual habits. Plus, both clients and I have the benefit of being able to see each others facial expressions, unhampered by masks!

Another interesting benefit of online work is that pupils cannot rely on the teacher’s hands to give them a sense of what is going on in their bodies and with their reactions. So they need to use their own thinking and observations, in order to bring about changes in themselves. I can still observe clients and guide them verbally of course and help them learn how to do this.  This is something pupils aim to do in all types of lessons but with online work, this aspect of self-discovery is perhaps more obvious.

F M Alexander Used Mirrors

In traditional hands-on lessons, pupils have access to using a mirror in order to learn about their habits. Online, clients use the computer screen like a mirror, so that they can observe their own movements and reactions. This helps them develop observational skills and awareness of their body use.

Of course Alexander developed the technique without anyone helping him. He used mirrors to observe himself and discovered the habits that led to him to losing his voice. Through constant observation and experimentation, FM worked out how to let go of his unhelpful habits, so he could act differently in the world and look after his voice. We follow in his footsteps!

International Pupils

Another advantage of online lessons is their international reach and appeal. So far I have had clients in Scotland, Wales, Italy, the USA, Slovenia, Indonesia – and more distant parts of London!

Contact Me

For more information about my online classes or in-person Alexander lessons in North London, or about Gift Vouchers, you can contact me here

See what this GP said about starting Online AT Classes with me

“I recently started Alexander Technique lessons online and have found them very helpful.  As a beginner I wondered if it may be difficult to learn online but I have been pleased with my progress.  Hilary is able to give clear instructions and demonstrate where needed.  I feel more aware of my body position and able to free up tension.  This has been particularly useful at work, where I sit for extended periods at a screen.”  Rowan – GP – June 2020