Alexander Technique Resources

Some Alexander Technique Resources and Links

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, STAT

STAT was formed in 1958 and is the oldest professional Alexander Technique Teaching organisation in the world.  STAT regulates teacher training courses and maintains standards in our profession. It also provides a number of Alexander Technique resources for teachers, students and the public.

These include: a Directory of STAT Registered teachers; information about the AT; Lists of Workshops, courses and Teacher Training Courses; Links to International Affiliated Alexander Technique Societies,  information about Published Alexander Technique Research; and a  video explaining how to use the Semisupine Lying Down Procedure.

Alexander in Education

The STAT website also has a sub-section on Alexander Technique in Education.  This provides a Directory of Schools, Colleges and Universities which include Alexander lessons in their curriculum.

Alexander Studies Online

Enabling Greater Understanding of the Alexander Technique

ASO has been set up to encourage and communicate Alexander Technique research. Also to support a global community of people interested in advancing understanding of the Alexander Technique and its teaching through disciplined inquiry. ASO works to make it easier to discover quality published and unpublished research relevant to the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Studies Online (ASO) is a volunteer-based organization. It is directed by an editorial board and runs in collaboration with the STAT Research Group (SRG).


Alexander Technique Science

Alexander Technique Science  is devoted to improving the scientific understanding of the Alexander Technique (AT), with Peer-reviewed Research on Mind, Movement, and Posture. The site is run by an international group with many decades of both scientific research experience and Alexander Technique teaching experience.  It offers discussion of the AT’s principles and practices, on the reported and demonstrated benefits of the AT and its terminology.

A year long training course about current science and the Alexander Technique, plus regular Webinars are also available.

This site aims to serve three main audiences: Alexander Technique teachers and students who would like to better understand the AT from a scientific perspective;  Scientists, medical professionals and other somatic or rehabilitation practitioners who are interested in the research basis for AT;  Anyone who would like to explore scientific research on mind, movement, and posture.


The Developing Self

The Developing Self is a specialised Postgraduate Training for Alexander Teachers Working in Education. The team have developed Alexander Courses for Schools & Colleges and the site has a number of resources available, some of which are free.

Several workbooks are available to purchase and there are a good number of excellent videos to watch. These are from the online Conferences held in 2020 and 2021.

There is an ever growing  Directory of UK and International schools and colleges where the Alexander Technique is taught.


The Ready List

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The Ready List  is linked to Alexander in Education. The Ready List is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique. It is a very simple way to transform ourselves by learning and is suitable for use with children as well as adults.


Alexander Technique for Musicians

Alexander Now  has evolved from the teachings of Peter Buckoke and Judith Kleinman at the Royal College of Music, where the AT is now embedded in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The many excellent resources include Articles, Films, Teaching Notes and a Book by Peter Buckoke and Judith Kleinman:   The Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

A comprehensive source for information about the Alexander Technique by Robert Rickover.

Robert has also created the a podcast to make information about the Alexander Technique easily available to the general public:

The Association for Body Mapping Education

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The Association for Body Mapping Education is a not-for-profit organization of musicians teaching the power of intentional movement to prevent and eliminate performance-related injuries through self-awareness, practical anatomy, and efficient and dynamic movement.

Body Mapping was  developed from the work of Barbara Conable, an Alexander Technique teacher of many years and it is taught in universities, colleges, conservatories, and private studios. The education programme is based on Conable’s book; “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body”


The Art of Swimming

The Shaw Method was founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw .  It applies the proven principles of the Alexander Technique to all styles of swimming.

The Art of Swimming website has links to courses and to a series of videos that may be purchased. The courses are for beginners right through to Teacher Training Courses. There is also a book available with the same title.

The Art of Running

The Art of Running  is based on the proven principles of the Alexander Technique, which encourage good use of the body and greater awareness of the way it functions. Learn how to achieve and maintain fitness without injury and how to overcome self-imposed limitations to enjoyable and successful running.  Malcolm Balk is a well-known Level 4 running coach and Alexander teacher. He runs workshops and a Teacher Training course for Alexander teachers who also wish to teach running skills.

He is also the author of two books: Master the Art of Running; Master the Art of Working Out

Finding Quiet Strength

Finding Quiet Strength  is a practical philosophy that connects to both ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience.  A core element of this work is based on F.M. Alexander’s principles and Judith Kleinman also draws on the disciplines of Yoga, Chi Kung and Tai Chi.

Judith Kleinman’s book Finding Quiet Strength explores these concepts.


The Poise Project

The Poise Project in a non-profit organisation that has an ambitious plan: to ensure that the public can maintain poise, dignity, and personal growth throughout all stages and challenges of life through broader socioeconomic access to the principles of Alexander technique (AT).

Their Mission is realized through promotion of the profession, creation of programs adapted for specific populations and industries, and support of cutting edge research in the field.

The project employs a strategic model outlined in “A 12 Step Programme for 21st Century Job Creation for Alexander Technique Teachers and Trainees” as published in the papers of the 10th International Congress of the F.M. Alexander Technique at the University of Limerick, Ireland, The Congress Papers: Empowering Humanity, Inspiring Science, published by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, UK (STAT Books 2016).