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Workshop Are You Sitting Comfortably? Intro Alexander Technique Course

Short Introductory Course

Date: 01/11/2023 from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Fee: £95

Book before 04/10/2023 for the EARLYBIRD FEE of £85


Five Week Alexander Course for Beginners & Returners

Wednesdays 11.30 am – 1.00pm.     November 1,8,15,22, 29

Are you sitting comfortably?  No? Perhaps you are working long hours at a desk, getting back ache and neck pain, plus feeling stressed? Come to this intro Alexander Technique course and learn how you can begin to sit, stand and move more freely, easily and calmly, whatever your activities.

This course is for a small friendly group, max 8 participants, so it is essential to Enrol in Advance!
Returners may also Drop-in by arrangement. Please contact me

Alexander Technique Course with Hilary King at the Tennis Pavilion 2018

Course Content

Through observation, gentle movement exploration, games and discussion, you will  begin to develop some self-help skills you can use throughout your life. I can help you learn how to be calmer and more comfortable in your body, to reduce backpain, strain and stress, plus gain poise and mindful movement.

You will

  • Develop awareness of your habits of body use during everyday activities such as sitting standing, walking and lying down.
  • Explore how your thoughts and feelings express themselves in your postural habits
  • Gain more understanding as to how these habits may help or hinder you. For instance  as you work at your desk, run down the road, sit and knit or play a musical instrument…
  • Understand more about how your body functions
  • Gain self-care skills to help calm yourself, manage stress and reduce tension. In particular freeing up your neck, shoulders and back
  • Learn the Semi-supine Lying Down Procedure that you can start practising immediately
  • Begin to improve your poise, balance, coordination and general wellbeing
Small Group so you will be able to experience some 1:1 hands-on work
Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth’s Walk,  Stokey, N16 OBF

We will be in a pleasant first floor room overlooking Clissold Park. The tennis pavilion has a lift, so people with ambulant disabilities are able to attend the course.

Transport links

  • Tube: Manor House
  • Buses:  73, 141, 341, 393, 476


You will need to bring a yoga mat and a few paperback books.  Wear ordinary comfortable clothes that allow you to lie down and move easily. You will need to take your shoes off. Optional notebook

Offer for Participants

You will be able to have one reduced rate private Alexander lesson at £45 with Hilary,  in nearby Harringay Ladder, N4 1RZ. This gives you a chance to see what individual lessons are really like and have undivided hands-on guidance.

Hilary King

I am a senior Alexander Technique instructor, having qualified in 1987. I love helping people feel more comfortable in their bodies and my background in ballet and psychology inform my work.

  • Individual sessions are available in Harringay, London N4.
  • Online lessons
  • I have run many Alexander courses and workshops in Colleges and Community Centres.
  • I also teach at LCATT, an Alexander teacher training course.

“I highly recommend (this course) for anyone with back, neck or joint pain, or poor posture, “text neck” etc. learn to release tension held in your body. The body keeps the score, often through accumulated tension from stress.  Hilary is a great teacher. Learning AT with her was life-changing and I still benefit from it almost a decade later. Appreciate my body a lot more since working with her.” Pascale Scheurer

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