My Alexander Technique Journey

One student’s route through to training as an Alexander Technique Teacher

I started to learn the Alexander Technique with Hilary King in 1988 after a lower back injury at work and persistent pain.  I loved the AT sessions immediately and especially enjoyed using semi-supine to control any discomfort and pain and also to reduce stress.   I found Hilary was always very compassionate and attentive and took a lively interest in my work and lifestyle, to try to understand how my difficulties may have manifested. She was always very calm and considerate, paid attention to detail and was a very patient teacher, showing enthusiasm and commitment to the sessions.

I continued to have sessions for well over 12 months and during that time I became pregnant and Hilary saw me right through my pregnancy and for a few sessions after I had given birth.

After that, family life and work took over but AT thoughts were always in the back of my mind and I often gave informal advice to family and friends, lying down ‘talk-throughs’ to my young children and I often thought about how I was using my body for myself whether I was sitting, standing or lying down.  I even dreamed of training to become an AT teacher……….

Roll on to 2010 and my work and family life changed dramatically.  My children had flown the nest and my work pattern changed for the better, with reduced hours and stress.  So I started to think about AT training again.  I ‘Googled’ Alexander Technique and immediately found Hilary was running an International Women’s Day workshop in March.  The forces were speaking to me, I had to go!

And so, in September 2011 I started training to be an AT teacher at LCATT (London Centre for Alexander Teaching and Training), where Hilary also teachers, and I graduated in July 2014.

It was a wonderful three years including extensive aspects of bodywork, mindfulness and nurturing the soul and now, whilst being semi-retired, I have embarked on a new career. How wonderful is that!

Thank you Alexander Technique and to Hilary for making my introduction to the AT so enlightening.

Deborah Levy

Deborah teaches in Crouch End, N8