Think of your Use at an Art Exhibition and Avoid Back Pain

Ellen Graubart a local artist who, incidentally, is familiar with the Alexander Technique, held a solo exhibition which was well worth going to see. You can read about Graubart and see some of her work if you visit the URL below. I’ll let the photos of the paintings speak for themselves but will add that they are even better in reality. It was an exciting and vibrant exhibition.

Thumbnail image for Sailing 2. Ellen Graubart JPG Art exhibitions are a time when many people end up with back ache, because they are standing for long periods without being aware of the way they are using their bodies. Looking up above eye level to see a painting, without awareness, can contribute to the problem if we contract our neck and the muscles in our lower back. This can create problems such as a hollow back, putting pressure onto the lumbar vertebrae and discs, which causes discomfort and even back pain.

So take yourself to art exhibitions and remember all you have learned in Alexander lessons; be aware of your use, look after your neck and back so that you remain freely poised and pain-free.

Sailing 2 – Ellen Graubart

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