F M Alexander’s Birthday

F M Alexander’s Birthday ~ 20 January 1869 – 10 October 1956

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born 144 years ago today, in a rural area of Tasmania which has unfortunately, been in the news recently for having major bush fires – whilst here in London we have what is for us, quite a lot of snow.
I am very grateful to Alexander for having developed his Technique, as it continually proves to be so useful and rewarding to use and I include as an important part of my daily life. Not only do I enjoy teaching the Technique but I apply FM’s work all the time – and right now the Technique really helps me when I have to cope with maintaining my balance as I walk around on slippery pavements and snow!
This process has been aided by my fitting ice grips to my boots and this has made it far easier to think about my use as I walk, as I’m not continually worried about falling down.
It is so easy to tense up our legs and hips when trying not to slip on the ice – but this really doesn’t help! The tension tends to go right up into our backs, which then restricts our breathing. Another unhelpful habit is to bend over to look down at the snowy pathway, which pulls people off balance. We move much more freely when we are poised and avoid getting into such unhelpful habits.
I also notice how important it is to keep breathing easily through my nose, so that the cold air gets a chance to warm up a little before it reaches my lungs. When we allow our shoulders to remain loose, plus free up our backs, abdomen and hips, rather than hunching against the cold, our lungs also work more easily and freely. Alexander was known by some people as ‘The Breathing Man’ and when I apply the Technique in these ways, I can begin to appreciate just why he gained that name.
Thank You Mr Alexander
So thank you Mr Alexander for developing your Technique ~ and for teaching other teachers, so that they have spread the AT work far across the world. 

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