Misha Magidov

Another sad notification, this time for Misha Magidov who died on 28 May ’19 aged 90.

Misha ran the North London Teacher Training Course where I qualified as an Alexander teacher back in 1987. Misha had trained with Patrick Macdonald, who in turn trained with FM Alexander himself.  Misha was always so caring towards his students and his valuable teaching gave me a wonderful basis from which to work on myself and to teach the AT to others. Misha ran his course for many years with his lovely wife, Judith, until she went to Israel for cancer treatment but sadly died in 2005.  Misha continued to teach in Israel but he visited the UK occasionally to run some workshops for AT teachers.  We were always so pleased to experience his work again and he will be missed by many people. 

I took this photo of Misha in 2008 when I participated in a Workshop that he ran in London.

2 thoughts on “Misha Magidov

  1. Sarah kampelman

    Hello. I do not see the year for this but I thank you for the albeit sad news about Misha. I was an exchange student in his Alexander school in London for a winter.

    I am also trying to find contact info on 2 of his students, about 1987-88 years, “sweetie” (Penelope) & Andrew & of course I can’t recall their last names (?)

    Through -pls let me know if you know them.


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