STAT Conference and AGM 2010

I went to this year’s Conference for STAT Recognised Alexander Technique Teachers, held at Sussex University. It
was a lively and informative event, with a good range of workshops,
lectures and discussion about teaching the Alexander Technique. Issues to do with the
structure and running of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander
Technique, STAT, were also debated in depth at the AGM.

The Annual
Memorial Lecture this year was given by Vivien Mackie and was titled
‘Doing Only What is Necessary, and Taking the Time it Takes’. This was a
fascinating and amusing account of Mackie’s experience of learning the
cello with Pablo Casals, which eventually led her into training to be an Alexander
Technique teacher and how she applied this learning over forty or so years of playing music and teaching the AT, mainly
but not exclusively, to musicians.

The conference also offered us a time to mix and exchange work and
ideas with other AT teachers. It was good to see the Technique
being used quite naturally in a range of different ways – sitting
through lectures, having a drink at the bar or, as in the photo,  to see
a young teacher using
the lying down procedure to look after his tired back during a walk
through the parkland.

AT Conference walk '10 09-07-2010 .jpgWhen the Alexander Technique becomes a way of life and is used like this, outside lessons as well as in them, then it really becomes a valuable and effective tool that we can use to look after ourselves.

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