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Shivery Weather

Free Up Your Movements in the Cold

Frosted berries 20-11-2005.jpg

The recent cold spell that we have been having looks very beautiful in the bright morning sun but it has brought some rather cold, tense and shivery pupils into their Alexander lessons!
It is hard not to tighten our muscles up when the temperature dips but it is so much more helpful to us, our bank balance and to the environment, if we put on another layer of clothing to keep us warm, rather than getting tense and turning the heaters up without thinking.
With wintry frost and ice around, with snow possibly on its way, it’s time to take care on pavements. If you are afraid of falling, it is tempting to tense up all over and in particular around your hips and thighs. When they tighten up, this also impacts on our lower backs and tension there may well result in back pain building up.
It may help you to remember that you’ll have more sense of your balance and more control over your movements, if you refuse to tighten but walk in an alert, poised and free manner. Now is a very good time to apply all you have learned in your Alexander lessons and to think about your body use in your daily activities, in order to avoid problems such as back pain  from developing.