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Is the Alexander Technique about posture?

The Alexander Technique’s about posture isn’t it?

Well, not really! 
It’s true that changes in posture do come about as a result of using the Technique and this photo of fellow Alexander teacher Refia Sacks, out and about in South Africa, illustrates that a nice easy poise is one of the benefits of learning to use use our bodies more freely and effectively in our everyday activities. 
Refia.Sacks jpg.jpg
In AT lessons, we learn how to move around and use our bodies in a coordinated way without tension and it is the quality of our body-use that is all important.
For a fun and very informal view of how learning the Technique can help us to think about our bodies, you might like to watch this video produced by teacher trainee students at the Cumbria Alexander Training Course:
Just don’t expect your lessons to be anything like this though!
If you would like to discover more and want to try the Technique out, introductory Alexander lessons with Hilary are available on a regular basis.
Taster Workshop on Saturday 28 January – FULL
As this is for a Small Group, it is essential to enrol in advance.
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Backpain patients find the Alexander Technique ‘effective’

New Research Paper

A new paper has been published in the OUP Family Practice (23 December 2009) which reports the findings of research into patients’ views and attitudes towards learning the Alexander Technique, as part of the ATEAM Trial into treatments for chronic back pain.

This research looked at the psychological aspects underlying the ATEAM Trial and the outcomes showed that patients found the Alexander Technique was ‘effective’ and ‘made sense’ as it could be used during everyday activities, it had a ‘convincing rationale’ and that teachers provided good support and personal advice. The Alexander Technique was generally seen to be more acceptable to patients than the exercise regime which was prescribed by the doctors.The Technique was also seen as improving the patients’ quality of life, which is great!

As one of the teachers selected to teach on the ATEAM Research Trial, I welcome this publication and the findings it reports, which tally with my experience of teaching the Technique to pupils from a wide range of backgrounds who predominantly find the Technique effective, not just for back pain but for helping and preventing the development of many conditions.

Alexander Technique Courses and Classes

If you would like to find out more about the Alexander Technique, you might like to join my upcoming
Introductory Alexander Technique Course, or you might prefer to dive straight in and try some individual lessons which are available on an ongoing basis.