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Do You Slouch?

Slouching and poor posture is the topic of an article in today’s Mail Online (24 Jan 2011) in which Bella Blissett urges women not to copy the stars on the catwalk, who can be seen in various distorted postures wearing a series of excruciatingly high heels (which in themselves can cause back problems – see my article on wearing high heels).

Research linking poor posture to depression and the fact that 1 in 5 people in the UK see their GPs for back pain is sited in the article. Various cures are suggested – but unfortunately the Alexander Technique is not mentioned, despite the fact that Blissett states that ‘many of them could be cured if they learned to improve their dynamic posture so that they ‘ stand and sit properly’,  which is a big part of what people learn when they come for AT lessons.

As the ATEAM Research Trial showed, the Alexander Technique really can help people to reduce chronic back pain and to improve the quality of their life. 

Introductory Lessons and a Workshop just for Women 
Of course, back pain and slouching are not only found in women, for many men have similar problems. If you would like to try out the Technique, introductory lessons of one hour are available at the same price as regular 3/4 hour lessons -at the moment.
You might prefer to try out the Technique in a workshop just for women. If so, ask for an Application Form online for the upcoming Introductory Workshop for Women on 6 March at 2.30pm. This is linked to International Women’s Day.

Please book in advance, as the workshop is for a small group. 

You may also phone Hilary for more information: 020 7254 9206