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Alexander Technique Graduates

Two More of My Ex-Pupils Graduate as Alexander Technique Teachers 
It has been thirty years since I qualified as an Alexander teacher and I am pleased to say that two more of my pupils have just graduated and I would like to congratulate them both! This makes at least six of my pupils that have qualified and a seventh is nearing the end of his training. Putting these seemingly small numbers into perspective, AT training courses are small, with a high teacher-student ratio. There are 6 STAT recognised 3 year teacher training courses in London, each with up to 20 students. Of these, approx 1-4 may qualify each term.
Jessamy Harvey’s Graduation Party
Jessamy Harvey graduation party 18-07-2017 .JPG
Photo shows Refia Sacks, Jessamy Harvey, Judith Kleinman and Roger Kidd
Dr Jessamy Harvey is a London-based University Lecturer whose research has been focused on Modern and Contemporary Spain. Jessamy originally had a few Alexander lessons with another teacher about 25 years ago, then came back to the AT and had Alexander lessons with me for about a year, at which point she decided to change careers. Jessamy developed her skills as a jewellery maker and immediately began training as an Alexander Technique teacher at LCATT, so I was able to continue teaching her there during her three years training and she has assisted me on one of my intro Alexander Workshops.
I was pleased to attend her graduation party at LCATT and it is so rewarding for me to be able to contribute to someone’s development, particularly when I can also see them growing into their new role as an Alexander teacher.
Karin Heisecke 
Karin Heisecke dunkelblaupink_2806_A6.jpg
Photo: Elfi Greb
Karin Heisecke came to me for Alexander lessons some twenty years ago for about a year, whilst taking her first degree in the UK. Then Karin moved abroad and worked in several EU countries, gaining an MSc and eventually going back to her native Germany, having by then become an internationally respected consultant on political issues to do with gender-based violence.
Then last year Karin contacted me to tell me that she had stayed in touch with the Alexander Technique over the years and indeed felt it had supported her so well that she was training as an Alexander teacher whilst continuing to work as a consultant – as I write this, she is on an assignment in Kiev. I am happy to say that Karin qualified as an Alexander teacher this June.
A Skill For Life
Interestingly, Karin is another pupil of mine that has decided to train as an Alexander teacher many years after having her initial experience of AT lessons – Karin started her teacher training fifteen years after her first AT lesson with me. She took five years over her training as she had some time off from the course, in order to take on a full time job, before returning to complete her course and qualifying as an Alexander teacher. That is dedication.
Another pupil also started her teacher training at LCATT, a full twenty years after her first AT lesson with me. So these pupils have gone on to train as Alexander Technique teachers because they have really taken the AT on board and it has become central to their being. They have appreciated the Alexander Technique as a skill they can use to help them over many years and in many aspects of their lives – so much so that they want to share this amazing work with others. Many AT teachers also work in other fields and find that the Alexander Technique supports them in their work and enhances their experience.
I wonder if I may hear that other pupils of mine have also found the Technique so invaluable to them over the years, that they eventually decide to train as a teacher. I would enjoy that!

I Love Being an Alexander Teacher


I Love My Work

How often do you hear people say that? Possibly not as many times as you would like – but you would probably hear a lot of Alexander teachers saying this – myself included. In fact I heard a colleague saying this a couple of days ago.
Thumbnail image for Semi-supine table.jpg
Helping people to be more comfortable in their bodies and at ease with themselves, is very satisfying and it is a privilege to be able to do this. Also, in order to be able to teach other people, every Alexander teacher has to look after themselves and to pay attention to their own body-use, particularly during the act of teaching. Regularly practising the active rest procedure in semi-supine is one part of this process and it helps to maintain a lengthened spine, relaxed body, a quiet mind and nervous system – and helps us to re-charge our batteries. What a lovely work requirement!
This is in contract to my first career in classical ballet. Life at the Royal Ballet School could be very exciting but also challenging and could be unpleasant with all the pressures involved. Once I started training as an Alexander teacher I realised just how much I had, as a dancer, been trying to force my body to perform better and better and to stretch more and more – and just how this way of making my body do things had caused damage. I had to unlearn lots of negative attitudes and habits that did not serve me! Learning the AT introduced me to the initially strange concept of allowing my body to work the way it needs and wants to, without over-controlling it all the time. Such a relief!
I find AT work is so rewarding, particularly when my pupils say things to me such as


  • “Lying down in semi-supine is the best part of my day”
  • “My back pain has improved massively since starting AT lessons”
  • “I can’t imagine how people manage without using the AT”
  • “AT has helped me be more upright and confident so I don’t feel I have to hide any more”
  • “It feels as if someone has just oiled my spine!”
  • I have already benefited a lot from this first session”
It is immensely gratifying to know that 1:1 Alexander lessons can bring so much help and indeed pleasure to pupils who learn it and use it in their daily lives. The more people take the AT work on board and think about how to use it, daily, the more they will benefit and the more at ease in their bodies they will be. Many people find that learning the AT really improves the quality of their life – and it has also greatly improved the quality of my life AND my working life.
I also work at LCATT, teaching Alexander teacher trainees, which is very enjoyable stimulating and rewarding. The students and staff are such a dedicated and friendly group of people at this Alexander teacher training course and it is very special to see each person blossoming into becoming an AT teacher. It is great sending more Alexander teachers out into the world, so that more people can experience the joys and benefits of learning the AT.
It is quite special when one of my Alexander pupils who has gone on to train as an AT teacher, then teaches a pupil who also trains and qualifies as an AT teacher. It’s like being a Grandparent!