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AT Friends Videos

It is now possible to see a couple of free videos about the Alexander Technique online, thanks to AT Friends (see my previous blog entry about this group which you can join for a small fee). The videos are of talks given at previous London AT Friends evenings.

The first talk was given by Peter Nobes and was called ‘Alexander Technique in the Office’ and you can see it here:

The second video is of Peter Buckoke and Judith Kleinman who talk about ‘Alexander Technique in the Music World’:

These two talks illustrate how the Alexander Technique has a wide range of applications beyond the well known uses as a method of helping back pain or improving our posture. Once learned, the Technique can be utilised throughout all our activities and can help prevent problems from developing – and life often seems easier and more pleasant as a result.

If you haven’t had AT lessons yet, why not try the Technique out with an Introductory Lesson, or perhaps you would like to return to learning the Alexander Technique again? You will probably enjoy it, so contact me now!