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Alexander Technique and RSI

RSI Conference 2010

RSI Action – The Repetitive Strain Injury Charity will be holding its Annual Conference in the Friends’ Meeting House on Euston Road on 20 March.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, STAT, will have a stall at the conference. Mini-sessions will be available, so that people can begin to get a sense of how the Alexander Technique can help them change the way they ‘Use’ themselves so that they can begin to reduce and control RSI.

I shall be there on the STAT stall in the afternoon, after the end of my morning’s Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop in aid of the UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Appeal as below.

If you would like to read more about the application of the Technique in relation to RSI, there is an article on my Website here.

Date:    20 March

Venue: Large Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, NW1

Time:   9.15am  – 4.45 pm