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Regaining Control of the Voice

Nikolaas Tinbergen, Nobel Laureate on FM Alexander’s Work 

Nickolaas Tinbergen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine in 1973 and a central focus to his Nobel Prize lecture is given to extolling the discoveries and teaching of F M Alexander, who Tinbergen described as “a very remarkable man” .
Tinbergen talks about how Alexander initially developed his Technique as a way of helping himself with vocal problems, so that he regained control of his voice. Gradually, Alexander developed his Technique and began to help people to re-educate the use of their whole body musculature, with results such as people getting less pain, as well as improving their breathing and vocal functioning.
Tinbergen, his wife and his daughter all had lessons with various AT teachers, assessing the work and the changes they experienced, such as better sleep, easier playing of a musical instrument and reduced blood pressure levels.
In his Nobel Lecture, Tinbergen (back in 1973) asks why the medical profession was still reluctant to acknowledge the Alexander Technique. Today, the Technique has found greater recognition but unfortunately, people are still asking this same question.
Tinbergen’s informative and I think very persuasive speech, is available on YouTube