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Famous Alexander Technique Pupils

This list represents just some of the famous people who are happy to acknowledge that they have learned the Alexander Technique.  

This list also illustrates a few of the activities to which the Alexander Technique may be applied, beyond the usual problems such as back pain and RSI. Ideally, the Technique becomes a way of life, so that everything we do is enhanced because of it.

Aldous Huxley   Writing and Eyesight – See: ‘Ends and Means’; ‘Eyeless in Gaza
Sir Colin Davis   Conducting
Julie Andrews   Acting, Singing and Dancing
Sting   Singing, Guitar
Madonna   Singing, Dancing
Yehudi Menuhin   Violin, Conducting
John Cleese   Acting, ‘Funny Walks'...
James Galway   Flute
Sinead Cusack   Acting, Pregnancy and Childbirth -
Jeremy Irons   See: ‘The Alexander Technique Birth Book’ – Ilana Machover, A & J Drake, Sinead Cusack & Jeremy Irons
William Hurt   Tension and Stage Fright – See: ‘The Alexander Technique’ DVDJane Kosminski and Deborah Caplan

Further Alexander Technique Information