Alexander Technique Gift Vouchers

Make someone happy – give a them Gift Voucher for one or more Alexander Lessons

Gift Voucher for Alexander Technique Lessons in LondonDo you know someone that would like to try out, or re-connect with, the Alexander Technique? Or perhaps you have enjoyed and benefited from having AT lessons yourself and would like to share the experience with someone you know?

A Unique Gift Idea: Buy a gift certificate now!

Why not buy a Gift Voucher to give your family and friends for birthdays or other celebrations, so that they can have some Alexander Lessons or attend a Workshop with Hilary King.

Each Gift Certificate will include the name of the recipient, the number of AT sessions they represent and how long they are valid for.

Some suggested categories are:

  • Single Half Hour Lesson
  • Single 45 Minute Lesson
  • Series of Four or more Lessons
  • Workshop or Course

Gift Vouchers cost the same as the current fees structure, plus a small amount for p&p. Further information is available on request.

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