Constructive Conscious Control

Alexander’s work is all about learning to make conscious choices, in order to direct and organise our psychophysical responses to situations, with awareness of the way we use ourselves whilst doing so.

Before we can consciously change our use, we need to utilise the technique of inhibition, to avoid being ruled by habitual reactions based upon faulty sensory appreciation and mis-use which interferes with our co-ordination and functioning. Once we have done this, we may then consciously control and direct our use during activity.

Conscious control is not a process that we superimpose, in order to force change to the way our body mechanisms or mind work.  Rather, it is a constructive process that works with our natural energies which are directed and controlled by reasoning processes which have been primarily employed in connection with the use of (our) psycho-physical organism’.

F M Alexander ~ The Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual.