The Grunwald EyeBody Method is the brainchild of Peter Grunwald, who states that the method ‘Improves the function of eyes, brain and body’. 

Eyebody has been developed from the basis of the Alexander Technique and the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement and it links the visual system to specific areas within the body. The work aims to release patterns within us that underlie both visual and physical problems. Grunwald advocates the use of ‘pinhole glasses’ which, he claims, help the eyes to focus in a way that also relaxes the eyes.

It is quite possible to work on improving your eyesight in ordinary Alexander Technique lessons, as can be seen in the accounts that Aldous Huxley gave of his lessons with F M Alexander himself (Art of Seeing; Eyeless in Gaza). Grunwald takes the eyesight work itself rather further and specialises in this field. He claims that some people using the EyeBody Method have found that they have been able to dispense with wearing prescription glasses.

Peter Grunwald runs Eyebody courses and has written a book, which is available in English and in German:

EyeBody: the Art of Integrating Eye, Brain and Body.