Lying Down Procedure

The Alexander Technique Lying Down Procedure

Names for the Alexander Lying Down Procedure proliferate!  It is also known as Semi-supine, Constructive Rest and the Active Rest Procedures.

The Lying Down Procedure forms part of most Alexander lessons and is taught with the client lying on an Alexander table, in a semi-supine position. In group workshops and online, students learn how to practise this on the floor.

Student practicing the Lying Down Procedure in the garden

A student’s beautiful bespoke platform for practicing the Lying Down Procedure


Lying down practice in the open air can be great.  Looking up at the sky or into the canopy of a tree above you, can be very special.

Practising this every day can change your life!

In face to face lessons, teachers gently touch and guide pupils during this activity. Online,  teachers use words, observation and demonstration. Pupils develop self awareness and learn to give themselves directions, in order to bring about changes in themselves.  The procedure offers us many benefits when we use it regularly. It is a valuable stress reduction tool, alleviates back pain and helps us recharge our batteries.

If you practise the Alexander Technique Lying Down Procedure for 10 – 20 minutes each day,  you can begin to see positive changes in yourself. You just need to lie on the floor, rather than a bed, which will not give adequate support. Of course if someone is unable to get up and down from the floor, using a bed is acceptable.

Most people love using this as they feel so good afterwards!

NB: Lying Down and Pregnancy

It is best not to do this procedure for any more than brief moments, if you are over 28 weeks pregnant.  This is to protect the baby from the mother’s organs causing  a downwards pressure. All the AT thinking can be used whilst lying on your side and Wall Work can be a useful substitute you can try.

Further information about using the Lying Down Procedure.