Semi-supine Procedure

Semi Supine


The term supine comes from Latin and means to lie flat on your back.

Semi-supine Procedure

The semi-supine procedure is a specific Alexander Technique term and refers to the position used to practice the Lying Down Procedure. In the semi-supine position, you lie on your back with your knees bent.

The Lying Down / Active Rest / Constructive Rest / Semi-Supine Procedure

These days this procedure has been given many names!  I wonder how many more it will be given in the future…

In Alexander lessons you’ll probably lie in semi-supine position on the Alexander table for part of the lesson.  Your head will be supported by one or more books, according to your Head Neck Back relationship. Your Alexander Teacher will show you the number of books that are required in order to align your neck and spine correctly. The teacher gently uses his or her hands and vocal instructions, to help you develop your awareness and to let go of old habits of tension. When you practice at home use the floor, as beds are too soft and don’t give enough support.

Alexander Technique Constructive Rest Procedure (the Semi-Supine Position)

Pupil using the Semi-supine Procedure during an Alexander lesson

The semi-supine procedure is an invaluable tool to use to recharge your batteries and unwind You will also look after your back and become more aware of your body use and mind-body connections. Most people love using it.

Instructions on using the Semi-Supine Procedure

Further details about how to use the Semi Supine Procedure are to be found in my article on using the Lying Down Procedure  However, you will learn it best from a teacher