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Definition: Text Neck

Text Neck 

Text Neck is a buzz word used to define the syndrome that causes pain in the head, neck and shoulders, which is brought on because of the over-use and mis-use of smart phones, tablets, laptops and suchlike.

People often use this type of equipment on their laps, so they habitually pull right down towards the screen in order to use them. This means the heavy weight of the head is dragging down and over-stretching the muscles in the neck and shoulders, often for long periods of time. This strains the muscles and interferes with the finely-tuned balance of the head and the neck, which results in pain.

Unfortunately many young children have already been diagnosed with having painful Text Neck and this could continue to cause problems later in life if not addressed. However, if these unhelpful habits are recognised, altered and people can learn how to let go of them, then they can begin to reduce and even stop the pain.