The Developing Self

The Developing Self  is a pioneering organisation that actively promotes the Alexander Technique in education.  The Developing Self team offer specialised Postgraduate Training in the UK and USA, for qualified Alexander teachers who want to bring the Alexander Technique to children and into into schools and colleges. There is now a growing number of primary, secondary and tertiary colleges that include the Alexander Technique in the curriculum.

The Little School – where the Alexander Technique was embedded into Education

The Developing Self movement found its inspiration from F M Alexander’s work with children. Alexander believed it was essential to help children avoid developing poor psychophysical habits and misuse. To this end he ran The Little School from 1924 until the Second World War, when it was transferred to the US. At this  school, they applied the principles of the AT to all lessons and activities.  Today, Educare Small School in Kingston -upon Thames, is run in a similar way. It ensures that ‘principles of the Alexander Technique are woven seamlessly into each school day’.

The Developing Self Resources

There are several excellent books on aspects of the Alexander Technique in Education. These have been written by the Developing Self team, particularly Judith Kleinman and Sue Merry.

The Developing Self website offers a number of free resources, including some lively and informative videos of presentations at the 2021 and 2020 Conferences .  If you are interested in  bringing the Alexander Technique to children and into educational settings, the videos are a great way to explore the topic.