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Alexander Lessons in LondonHilary is a certified member of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, the world’s oldest and largest professional body of Alexander Technique teachers. She is also registered with CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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Personal Lessons in Harringay, London N4

My teaching studio is Covid Secure.  Online Lessons are also available on Zoom 

“You are not here to do exercises or to learn to do something right, but to get able to meet a stimulus that always puts you wrong and to learn to deal with it.”
F.M. Alexander Aphorisms

During Alexander lessons you are gently guided as you learn how to sit, stand, walk and perform daily activities in a new way. You gain awareness, learn to move more freely, and improve your coordination and posture.

Gradually you learn how to apply these changes in everyday situations and to increasingly more complex activities.  In so doing, you can reduce aches and pains, gain some inner calm and stress relief,  developing self-help skills you can use throughout your life.

My Teaching Studio is Covid-secure and has good ventilation

About Alexander Technique Lessons

Traditional Alexander Technique lessons are a process of exploration and discovery, with the teacher’s hands and verbal instructions gently guiding pupils through activities such as sitting, standing and lying down, so that unhelpful reactions and habits may be recognised and gradually stopped. In so doing, we become freed to choose new responses to situations. We also learn to give ourselves a set of instructions or ‘directions‘ so that we move with more awareness and poise, often reducing pain and discomfort in the process.

With the onset of Covid-19 masks are worn so, ironically, face – to face lessons are more mask to mask!  Weather permitting, part of each lesson is held outdoors in my secluded garden. I avoid touching clients near their faces and when I do need to touch them elsewhere, I work from their side and from behind. Quite a lot of work can take place at a distance, minimising the time spent at close quarters. Table work does take place inside, with the window and French doors open to allow good air circulation.

Reduced Rate Lessons for NHS staff

I am offering NHS staff 10% off all lesson fees.  Just contact me using an NHS email address.

“It is not getting in and out of chairs even under the best of conditions that is of any value: that is simply physical culture. It is what you have been doing in preparation that counts when it comes to making movements.”
F.M. Alexander, Aphorisms
As we progress in our understanding and application of the Alexander Technique, we can explore more complicated activities such as carrying things, using computers or playing musical instruments, gradually applying this learning to all aspects of our lives – even scrubbing our teeth! Many people improve their posture, co-ordination and performance as a result; they tend to feel happier in their bodies and research has shown that they can also increase their sense of well being.

You will feel more comfortable in loose clothing, as you will move around and lie down for part of the session. Please avoid hoods as these get in the way and if you are having an online lesson, it helps if you wear clothing that lets me see your body movements clearly. You will be asked to take your shoes off.

Occasional Alexander Technique workshops and short courses on the Technique are available. However, because our patterns of ‘misuse’ are so personal to each of us, the main learning of the Alexander Technique is, ideally, through individual lessons.

I have provided a list of insurance companies that have been known to reimburse people for at least some of their Alexander Technique lessons in the UK. Many self-employed people can claim AT lessons as a valid expense for Tax purposes.

Frequency of Lessons

Based in North London – Harringay, N4 as of mid-March 2020.  Introductory lessons are 1 hour; subsequent lessons are usually 45 minutes long but 30 minute lessons are also available, particularly for children. It is advisable to start with one or, even better, two lessons a week. Later, you can drop down to fortnightly then less regular lessons as you progress. A foundation course of about twenty lessons is recommended by STAT, so that we can gain an understanding of how to use the AT in our daily lives,and research has shown that it is possible to gain something useful out of just 6 lessons. Most people enjoy their lessons!

Please contact me to find out my address and my current fees structure. Online lessons cost less than face to face lesson fees.


There are a variety of transport links to the Harringay area:

Tube: Manor House
Buses: 29, 141; 341; W5
Overground: Harringay Green Lanes
Train: Harringay Station
Car:  Restricted street parking.

Cancellation Policy

If you are ill, please do not come to a lesson and you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

If you need to cancel for other reasons, please give me at least 24 hours notice.

Information and a register of qualified Alexander Teachers, who have undergone a recognised three-year training, may be obtained from STAT (the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).

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