Insurance Companies

The following insurance companies have been known to reimburse people for at least some of their Alexander Technique lessons.

This is mainly done on a Consultant’s prescription.

  • WPA
  • Norwich Union
  • Allied Dunbar
  • Prime Health
  • Orion
  • Guardian Health
  • BCWA
  • OHRA
  • Cigna
  • UAP Provincial Insurance Plc.
  • Medisure
  • Managed Care Consultants Ltd.
  • Ellis Healthcare
  • IIron Trades Ass. Co.
  • Executive Healthcare Ltd.
  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical Claims Handling
  • I.G.I. (on GP’s referral)
  • Exeter Friendly Society (on self-referral)
  • The Civil Service Medical Aid Association (on self-referral)
  • The E.C.’s Joint Medical Insurance Scheme
  • The U.N.’s Medical Insurance Scheme