Covid-19 Secure Alexander Lessons

Some Covid-19 Security measures remain in place for now

The pandemic brought us new ways of working and we all had to adapt. A lot of time and preparation went in to making Covid-19 Secure Alexander Technique lessons.  Thankfully the legal Covid security measures have ended but I am still mindful of the need to take care and my Covid protocols can be reinstated if it seems necessary

Outdoor Alexander lessons up my garden

Weather permitting, we sometimes have lessons up my secluded garden. These days, without masks. This part of the lesson involves exploring how you sit, stand and walk around and the garden gives the opportunity to do that on slightly more uneven surfaces. One bonus is that we’re often entertained by birds, squirrels and even foxes as we work, which is great.

Semi supine Lying Down Procedure – when we wore Covid masks 

We usually end lessons with clients practising the lying down procedure inside on the Alexander table. Windows and doors can be kept open, to ensure a good airflow. This does mean that extra clothing is advisable, to make sure we are warm enough! Currently, we don’t usually wear masks for lessons but they may return if Covid numbers increase.

Remember the time of masks, visors and lots of sanitiser?

The Alexander table and other surfaces are regularly wiped with sanitiser. In the picture above, Rosanne brought her own towel.  However the Covid 19 rules changed after this photo was taken and this was no longer advised.  These days, only disposable paper covers are used on the table and on the books which support the head. We both wore masks for close work but they tended to make my glasses steam up! In a way this is good, because this challenged my habit of wearing glasses all the time, even when I don’t really need to.

Wipe, wipe and wipe again!

After the Alexander lesson, I bin the paper covers and sanitise the table and books. Previously I would then wipe the door handles, coat stand, front door bell and even the gate. Now, these get sanitised less frequently but I still wash my hands before and after each lesson. So you can see why I have spaced out my lessons wider apart than they used to be, in order to allow time for everything to be clean – and dry – before the next pupil arrives!

It is good that these measures have been reduced but if necessary, a return to stricter Covid-19 secure Alexander lessons is always possible. So far, I am pleased to say that no-one has contracted Covid through coming to have lessons with me.

Online Lessons 

Online lessons are always available for clients who live at a distance, or who prefer online classes.